About Me

Hi, I am glad you made it here to know more about me.

Originally from Nashville, I moved to Miami eight years ago to pursue a doctoral degree in Atlantic History. After graduation I built a career in k-16 education and I have recently returned to FIU as an Assistant Teaching Professor. I teach survey courses in Early and Modern American History and a wide-range of courses in topics from the History of South Africa to the History of American Conservatism.

My research interests center on how people formed communities and connections along the lines of religion, ideology, and gender over the course of the twentieth century. I am particularly interested in transnational and transatlantic networks. My dissertation investigates connections between Christian communities in the United States and South Africa. My current research examines the emergence of homeschooling in the United Stated in the 1970s and its cultural and political impact on the global field of education today. When I am not teaching or writing, I enjoy running in beautiful South Miami, brewing kombucha, and daydreaming about the places I’ll go once this pandemic is over and we can travel again!

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