It’s the year 2020. Seems like a good year to take up blogging.

Why now?

Look around.

The field of education has been absolutely rocked this year. You might even say that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift in how k-16 teaching is perceived, funded, and practiced. There is a lot of misinformation about the direction of education in this country, and a dearth of historical contextualization.

More than anything, I’ve found that there is a host of educators, both professional and newly baptized homeschoolers, who are searching for resources for how to teach in the online dystopia of 2020.

I chose to create a blog about education because I recognize the challenges of teachers today and my personal background and professional training make me uniquely situated to address them. As a student who was homeschooled from k-12, I intimately understand the promises and pitfalls of home education. As an educator with years of experience teaching history at the high school and college levels, I understand the immense challenges of pedagogy and policy facing the U.S. educational system.

The posts here will be a mixture of practical teaching advice, commentary on contemporary U.S. educational policy, and my own research on the history of evangelicalism and homeschooling in the United States.

And I’ll continue to share what I’m learning along the way…

p.s. I just started using WordPress this summer and most of the time have no idea what I am doing so things could get wild.

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