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Homeschooling became a trending topic in 2020 as COVID-19 shut down in-person classes around the world. While at-home learning may seem like a novel idea to the uninitiated, it has an extensive history in the United States. The topic lies at the heart of a research project that I have been developing since 2017. 

Project Overview

The project rests on a collection of periodicals published between 1980-2010. Prior to the widespread use of the internet and the ubiquity of social media, these publications served as a connective medium for homeschooling families and a resource for home education. Below is a list of magazines that forms the corpus of this project. The ultimate goal is to digitize these sources to preserve the history of this movement. If you are interested in contributing to the collection, please contact me at

Presentations and Publications

I have presented on some elements of this project at the meetings of the American Academy of Religion, American Historical Association, and the History of Education Society. 

2020 Virtual AHA Poster

Poster for the 2020 Virtual American Historical Association Meeting

The Global Origins of the Modern Homeschooling Movement

Teaching In Zion: Homeschooling and the Culture Wars, 1983–2000

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